Puddingstone Lake at Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park is an urban lake that flies under the radar of a lot of fishermen in the region. But it is stocked regularly by the Department of Fish and Wildlife including trout in winter, and a variety of fish species in spring, summer and fall. But the Largemouth Bass fishing during the spring spawning season is usually the best time of year to get your self a big fish. Lots of great fish habitat exist at the lake and some of the best is the small cove near F-section in the Bonelli Bluffs RV Resort and Campground.  A variety of baits will catch these bass but a lot of  good results have come from the artificial baits from the folks at Bass in the Hood.

In the following photos you can see some of the locations around the lake that have produced big fish and the baits they were caught on. In four of these photos and you’ll be able to see RV’s on the bluffs in the background. Puddingstone is not a big lake so shoreline fishing is an effective way to catch fish but bass boats and kayak fishermen are also seen regularly.

Fishing licenses are available in the Bonelli Bluffs store as well as fishing tackle. Good luck and share your photos with us on social media. Photos here shared with us by the good folks at Urban Angler.